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    Everything You Need to Know About Reed Diffusers

    A reed diffuser makes a wonderful addition to any space, providing constant scent throughout the day with little maintenance. Pick your favorite fragrance and transform your domain into an enchanting escape. In this blog, we’ll go over some helpful tips, our favorite spots to place them around the house, and the difference between a reed diffuser and a scent diffuser.
    Reed Diffuser Tips & Tricks
    Reed Diffuser Tips & Tricks
    • Keep your reed diffuser out of reach of children or pets, and place it on a coaster or tray to catch any oil drips, preventing it from staining counters or other surfaces.

    • When first using your reed diffuser, dip the reed sticks in to absorb the oil. Then flip them over so that the saturated ends are in the air, allowing for the fragrance to start filtering.

    • Flip your reeds when you desire more scent. Be cautious when flipping them, doing it over a paper towel to save your surfaces from drips.

    Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh with a Reed Diffuser
    Where to Place Reed Diffusers
    • Entryway – Experience a delightful aroma as you or your guests come through the door.
    • Restroom – Easily make your restroom smell fresh all day without the need to keep an eye on a burning candle.
    • Hallways – Whenever someone walks by, scent will disperse as air circulates.
    • Home Office – Enjoy a pleasant scent while you work. (Citrus scents like 24K Magic boost alertness and increase energy)
    • Bedroom – Fall asleep and wake up to the scent of your favorite hotel.
    We offer a selection of scenting solutions to satisfy a variety of needs. In addition to our reed diffusers, we also sell a scent diffuser. While they are both heatless options, there are several differences.
    • Reed diffusers are best for small, enclosed spaces, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. The Hotel Collection Scent Diffuser covers over 400 sq/ft, and is better for bigger rooms and more open spaces.
    • Reed diffusers disperse scent as fragrance oil is absorbed by the reeds, moving to the top where it is evaporated into the air. The Scent Diffuser utilizes cold-air diffusion technology to turn our fragrance oil into a dry nano-mist.