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    A Touch of Timeless Elegance – Home Fragrance Meets Home Décor

    Hourglass Diffuser Interior Design Inspiration
    Redefine the hotel experience with our newest creation, the Hourglass Diffuser. Perfect for small spaces, it offers a subtle scenting experience that will transport you to your favorite destination. Turn it over, and watch as Fragrance Oil drips from the top to the bottom, filling any room with splendor.


    Soft Fragrance

    If you’re sensitive to fragrance, this is a great option. The Hourglass Diffuser gently dispenses scent with each drop, creating a relaxing environment without an overpowering smell.

    Interior Design

    It’s about more than functionality, though. The Hourglass Diffuser is also a stunning décor piece. It is destined to spark conversation with its Avant Garde design. Whether you place it on a bookshelf, the bathroom vanity, or a coffee table, it is bound to add a unique touch to your space.

    Now what are you waiting for? Enjoy the scent of your favorite hotel and escape for an hour.

    Once a Fragrance Oil is diffused in the Hourglass Diffuser, the scent cannot be switched. For the best results, replace the Fragrance Oil every 30 days.