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    Make Your Apartment Smell Luxuriously Good

    Hotel Collection is dedicated to bringing the luxury of vacation to your home. With our fragrances, you can fill your space with soothing aromas inspired by luxury hotels around the world like The W Hotel and EDITION Hotels. Here’s how to make your apartment smell good, like a fancy hotel. 

    Get Rid of Unwanted Odors

    Start by getting rid of any obvious odors. Hotel Collection scents are quite powerful and may be able to cover any odor, but it’s still best to get rid of any funky smells. Scrub every nook and cranny, wipe down furniture, and make sure your kitchen appliances have been cleaned well. If possible, open your windows to let some fresh air circulate. 

    Choose Your Scenting Solution

    Our wide range of scenting options provide the perfect solution for any space. 


    Candles are best for creating a relaxing atmosphere after a busy day at work. Hotel Collection candles come in stylish glasses that take your home décor up a notch and fill your space with fragrance. Enjoy a spa-like experience while you shower or soak in the tub. Then, have another candle ready at your dining table for whenever you feel like having a candlelit dinner.


    Reed diffusers are great for keeping your home fragrant while you’re away. They disperse scents naturally and do not require heat or electricity. Get a few in the same scent and place them in various rooms to fill your entire place with a luxurious fragrance. Hotel Collection reed diffusers can add an elegant touch to any chic interior. 

    Scent Diffuser

    For full coverage of your apartment, place a scent diffuser in your living room or the more central part of your apartment. Our diffuser uses cold-air diffusion technology that maintains steady and constant dispersion of fragrances. Being that they are portable, you can also conveniently move them to any location.

    If you can’t decide which one to choose, you can opt to get all four types in the same scent or switch it up with a different scent in every room. But regardless of what you decide to use, there is a Hotel Collection scent that will suit your preferences.